Urinary System Application Questions

  1. A five year old child presents with facial edema. The patient's history reveals a recent upper respiratory tract infection. A histological analysis of a kidney reveals the following images. What would you expect a urinalysis to show?
    1. Elevated glucose
    2. Elevated protein
    3. Elevate hemoglobin
    4. Nothing abnormal

  2. A patient presents with sudden weight loss, fatigue and reports seeing blood in her urine. Histological analysis of a kidney biopsy reveals the following images. On the left is sample stained stained by the periodic acid-Schiff method that preferentially labels macromolecules that contain carbohydrates. On the right is a sample stained with a fluorescently-labeled antibody to human IgG. The results suggest the patient most likely suffers from which of the following.
    1. Autoimmune reaction to the sodium-potassium pump
    2. Autoimmune reaction to type IV collagen
    3. Hepatitis infection
    4. Streptococcal infection